Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've always wanted to work with fondant, but have somehow been terrified of the idea (watching people struggle with fondant on food network challenge probably has something to do with it.) Since my dad's birthday is coming up in a couple of days I decided that this week is the week that I am going to conquer my fears.

Operation fondant began on Monday with the buying of the supplies, and the making of the marshmallow fondant. I was ever so tempted to buy the wilton brand fondant, but i've heard such horrible things about the taste that I decided to try my hand at homemade fondant. I was afraid of how the fondant would turn out so I decided to make it first, and decide later whether I should go out and buy the nasty wilton fondan
t. After 40 minutes of microwaving marshmallows, and mixing in powdered sugar I was left with a lump of beautiful fondant.

Next came the baking of the perfect dense yellow cake. I had to resist
every urge to resort to those oh so moist box mixes (why are they so g-darn yummy?). On My final day I made butterflies and fondant flower cutouts. The fondant was a little difficult to work with and there were multiple mistakes and lumps after the fondant was placed. Thankfully the fondant flowers covered all of my mistakes. In fact the mistakes made my work look even more artistic than it would have otherwise. So tell me, what do you guys think of my first foray with fondant?